The Key To The Perfect Closet Is A Functional Layout

Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your closet? Is it frustrating to pick out what to wear? Do you regret items you’ve bought because you never wear them? If so, keep reading… A Closet Is A Reflection Of You  Overwhelming closets are pretty draining, and believe it or not, most of us choose to live in a state of frustration and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to our closets. I believe great style begins in your closet, and a draining closet is a reflection of your day and your week. In fact, a draining closet is a reflection of YOU. The truth is that most of our closets are messes because we don’t realize how important it is to maintain them. A closet should tell a story and give us a glimpse of who we are. Think of… View Post

The NOÉMIE Half Bezel Diamond:

This post is a review on NOÉMIE. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I haven’t been feeling very stylish these days and as much as I enjoy dressing down, I sort of miss getting dolled up too. When I do get the slightest urge to spice up my (mostly) at home or grocery store looks, I’ve noticed the little details that help, like adding jewelry to my outfits. Dainty Bezel Rings Spice Things Up As a matter of fact, I’ve been sporting this Rose Gold Half Bezel Diamond from NOÉMIE, and I can’t stop staring at this sparkly little thing.  Bezel ring’s are elegant and classic. I can wear this band as a stack but it looks just as gorgeous on it’s own. I tend to gravitate towards delicate pieces, so it was no brainer I would add this… View Post

10 Classic Camel Coats To Add To Your Wardobe

I’ve spent the last several years buying trendy pieces, and while those one of a kind items will always be a part of my wardrobe, classic pieces are the best transition into other seasons; the colder and the warmer ones.  Now you’re probably thinking, “what exactly do you consider a classic a piece?” and that’s a good question, so I’ll get right to it. The simplest way to identify a classic piece is if the answers to each guideline below is a YES! Does the color go with a variety of other items you own in your closet?Will the piece look somewhat boring by itself? Can this piece be styled in different ways? IE: can you wear it with sneakers, boots, and shoes? Is this item suitable for work, on the weekends, and a night-out? Can this piece be worn… View Post

A Guide To The Perfect Dress This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for Holiday parties, New Years Eve festivities, and of course…more Weddings! With all of these special occasions in mind, we all want to look our best during the most wonderful time of the year. So what better way to do that than with a killer dress and of course, a glass of wine? I’m not talking about just any dress though. You’ll need something black and something to keep you warm during the colder months. A bit of glitz and glam will do, but a dress that will remain a staple piece in your closet is key. So let me introduce you to this subtle but festive black long sleeve maxi dress. It’s been a part of my wardrobe for the past 5 years or so, and I honestly don’t think I could live without it. Because… View Post

Inside Soho’s New Department Store: LE BOARD

I always look forward to discovering new stores because shopping in NYC can be a little overwhelming…but when you’re surrounded by unique items and a cool aesthetic, it suddenly no longer feels like you’re scrambling to look for pieces in a room full of people. So when I stepped into Le Board, a retailer that opened up in Soho this past May, I couldn’t resist writing this post. Le Board’s creative space feels personable and doesn’t look like your average clothing store. Their mission is to support women-owned businesses which sets this one of a kind department store a part from the others. Isa Foxx, one of the brands Le Board carried, is a fine jewelry line designed by Isabelle Treuille. Isabelle is the face behind Isa Foxx’s luxurious pieces and while she’s had a love for jewelry since she could remember, her… View Post