Inside Soho’s New Department Store: LE BOARD

I always look forward to discovering new stores because shopping in NYC can be a little overwhelming…but when you’re surrounded by unique items and a cool aesthetic, it suddenly no longer feels like you’re scrambling to look for pieces in a room full of people.

So when I stepped into Le Board, a retailer that opened up in Soho this past May, I couldn’t resist writing this post. Le Board’s creative space feels personable and doesn’t look like your average clothing store. Their mission is to support women-owned businesses which sets this one of a kind department store a part from the others.

Isa Foxx Wolf and Fang Rings

Isa Foxx, one of the brands Le Board carried, is a fine jewelry line designed by Isabelle Treuille. Isabelle is the face behind Isa Foxx’s luxurious pieces and while she’s had a love for jewelry since she could remember, her designs are inspired by her love for NYC, pieces worn by her mother, and her favorite spirit animals.

Isa Foxx Fox Signets, Fang Ring, and XOXO Bracelet
Isa Foxx Broken Heart Necklace (layered with separate necklace)

I asked Isabelle what she recommend to someone buying fine jewelry for the first time and she responded “if you’re going to invest in a piece, it should be a ring. When your transitioning from costume to fine jewelry, earrings and necklaces can be mimicked. Rings receive day-to-day wear and its easier for them to tarnish and change colors. With a necklace, it’s harder to tell if the surface is solid metal or not…so go with a ring”

Isa Foxx pieces are made out of 14K solid yellow gold and while they’re on the heavier side, she adds a fresh spin on delicate forever pieces. Her most popular designs are the animal fangs which remind her to be powerful, her broken heart necklace, and her wolf signet ring which can be made to include tiny emeralds, rubies, or black diamonds.

Woosh Beauty at Le Board
Quïna at Le Board
Designer Handbags at Le Board

Tara Zadeh Handbags at Le Board

Le Board also carries a list of other brands including Adina’s Jewels, Seven All Around, QÜINA, Cat + King, Tara Zadeh, and Woosh Beauty (I have their face palette and I LOVE it). I can’t forget about Nicholette-A, the handbag designer based in NYC focuses on thoughtful and practical designs — think fast fashion with a high quality aesthetic. These trendy leather bags range between $190-$450 and that’s pretty reasonable considering they’re so unique and look stunning!

Nicholette-A Handbags at Le Board
Wink’s Brow + Beauty Bat at Le Board

Aside from their shopping experience, Le Board provides various services for the one-stop shopper, like getting your ears pierced from Stone And Strand or getting pampered at Wink’s brow + beauty bar. There’s literally something for everyone, so if you’re in the Soho area, go check it out!

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