Jayley, A Contemporary Fashion Brand

It wasn’t until I started blogging, that I made it a point to become familiar with clothing brands I didn’t know existed. I figured if I didn’t know about them, others might not know either, so this would be my opportunity to share. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe it was time to broaden my horizons and take a break from the brands I’ve been loyal to, in order to discover new ones…

and that is what brings me to Jayley, an England contemporary fashion brand I instantly fell in love with. Jayley focuses on premium fabrics for women such as fur, silk, and devore. They have a strong emphasis on sustainability and the importance of ensuring all of their fabrics are ethically sourced.

Funny enough, I received a message via Instagram from someone telling me I should check them out and I’m totally happy that I did. I officially became hooked when I found their faux fur black jacket on ASOS. Having received the coat, I wore it for the first time on my 31st birthday last year, and continued to wear it throughout the Fall, and now Winter. I received so many compliments that I knew I made the right choice.

Luckily, after posting in the coat several times, Jayley reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate. I was so excited that my first-ever fashion brand (and one I had already been wearing) wanted to partner with me! To start the collaboration, Jayley sent me two pieces to add to my wardrobe. One was the same faux fur coat I had already owned, but in this cream color, and the other was a tweed blazer jacket. It was a given these pieces were going to come in handy and if you know me, you know I kill for all types of blazers, and this one was the perfect neutral brown.

The design of these pieces are classic, yet versatile, which is what I look for when I buy anything these days. But don’t be fooled…just because Spring is around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t wear these pieces well into Spring. I was also able to dress these items up by pairing them with dresses, skirts, pointy block heels, but I’ve also been able to dress them down with jeans, sweats, sneakers, and boots. Each piece looks pretty stylish both ways, and I’m really glad I decided to give this designer luxury brand a shot. I hope you will too!

PS: if you have any questions about style, sizes, or fit, feel free to leave them in the comments below or email me at theforefrnt@gmail.com.

Xx Tai

*This post is in collaboration with Jayley, all thoughts, opinions, and recommendations are my own 🙂

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